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Jumbo Jungle Ltd is rated 3.67/5 based on 3 reviews.  (Write A Review)

Here at Jumbo Jungle we offer over 11000 sq ft of non stop fun and games and its all under one roof to keep both the adults and children happy for hours, we have something for all ages from babies to twelve year olds.
Jumbo Jungle Ltd
Unit 40, Number One Industrial Estate
County Durham
United Kingdom
01207 500007
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Reviews Of Jumbo Jungle Ltd

Jumbo Jungle Ltd currently has 3 reviews.   (Write a review)

  • 1/5 by , Jan 2, 2016 - 9:26 PM

    We've visited this place a couple of times now and the workers are pretty friendly and welcoming but today was the second time our child had been attacked by other children there.

    This time two boys (looked about 5 and 7) pushed my 2 year old to the ground and jumped on top.of him. Luckily he hasn't been hurt but we're not risking it again.

    Not sure if it's just the area but it seems there's always someone who's taken their kids there so they don't have to bother looking after them. They allow their kids to run wild while they sit there glued to their mobile phones and it's a shame cause otherwise it would be really convenient for us.

    Personally I'd avoid the place but If you do go then make it early when there's hardly anyone there and keep a close eye on your kids cause it seems like no one in consett teaches their children how to behave.
  • 5/5 by , Dec 23, 2013 - 5:27 AM

    Ab fab place to be. My two kids love it n there mates. Can't beat it.
  • 5/5 by , Oct 21, 2012 - 12:02 PM

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    I visited Jumbo Jungle for the first time yesterday,it was very busy when we first walked in I was a little hesitant at first,however met with a warm welcome we decided to go in with Dylan(8yrs).To be honest after seeing the Zebra side I had no choice!
    On entering we got a seat no problem and ordered our food. Took a little over 30 mins for kids meal,jacket with Tuna & the most delicious hot beef baguette ever! Food was great not the normal greasy stuff you get in play centres & good value.
    The centre its self was clean & well maintained by the ladies walking round in blue uniforms,great that they stood out & I needed to ask where the toilets were located. It was also nice to see more mature staff for a change rather than kids cleaning & looking after kids.
    The toilets were abit cold but smelt fresh & clean.After seeing the Art work inside, Dylan really wanted to visit the boys toilets!
    Overall Dylan loved it, very clean & great value. Defo going back during the holidays!