Where Can I Find A Soft Play Centre?

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A soft play centre is an indoor play centre for kids, typically packed full of colourful, foam shapes and may also include slides, bouncy castles, and a range of other play items and equipment. They can be found connected to pubs and some restaurants but there is an increasingly large number that are set up purely as dedicated indoor play centres that not only cater to individual families but also to kids’ parties of varying sizes and degrees. Most towns have at least one, and you are only every a short drive away from a soft play centre throughout most of the country.

What Is A Soft Play Centre?

A soft play centre, which may also be called an indoor play centre or a kid’s activity centre, is a safe and secure indoor environment that is packed full of large play items for kids usually aged between 4 and 11. There may also be sections for toddlers and you may find outdoor areas too but a soft play centre will always include foam filled, brightly coloured soft play equipment that is safe and fun to use. Hours of fun for the kids, it is more than likely that there is at least one within a few miles of your home.


Some pubs, including chains as well as smaller individual pubs, offer a play area for the kids. Typically situated in its own room, due to the size and the noise that erupts from this area, there is often a section where accompanying adults can also sit. Family pubs most commonly offer this feature and this means that you can all sit down for a bite to eat before going off to play in the soft play area.

Dedicated Indoor Play Centres

There are also dedicated soft play centres. These exist solely to entertain children and as well as catering to the individual family with one or two kids they are also a very popular place for children’s parties. Larger towns often have access to one or two soft play centres like this and there are areas where parents can sit and enjoy a cup of tea and even a light snack.

Can I Watch My Kids Play?

There are always areas where adults accompanying children can sit. Some soft play centres will not allow parents to actually enter the play area unless they are fetching or assisting their child, but there are tables and chairs, as well as refreshments. Your children can come and check in and you can keep one eye on them at all times to make sure they stay safe.

Soft Play Centre Parties

Soft play centres have become very popular as a party venue for kids. They can typically accommodate dozens of children as well as their parents and they will also provide catering for the children and even party bags to take home when the fun and games are over. Most play centres have somebody that is willing to dress up in character in order to offer even more entertainment to the children. What’s more, you don’t need to clean up afterwards because the staff will be there to do that for you.

Find Your Nearest Indoor Play Centre

At SoftPlay.co.uk we maintain a directory of soft play centres and indoor centres around the UK. You can find details including the name, address, and postcode (ideal for sat navving your way there) as well as the amenities and features that are offered by play centres in your area. Search by county, destination, or using the tick boxes to select those features that you consider essential.

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