What Will I Find At A Soft Play Centre?

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A soft play centre can provide your child or children with somewhere safe and secure to play as well as somewhere for you to sit and relax while keeping a careful eye on the kids. Soft play centres, also known as indoor play centres, are popping everywhere and most towns have at least one. Some are connected to pubs that usually serve food and encourage families, while others are dedicated solely to providing somewhere safe for kids to play and enjoy themselves. But, if you’ve never been to one before, what should you expect when you visit a soft play centre?

Play Areas

The main play area is where the fun, screaming, and laughing happens. It will consist of brightly coloured, soft shapes, typically a lot larger than the kids themselves and there may be ball pool areas, rope swings, and large slides that further enhance the enjoyment of everybody inside. A soft play centre is a complete sensory experience for the kids with plenty of colour, noise, and a tactile experience that they won’t find anywhere else. It can be a bit of a surprise for first time parents too.

Refreshments Area

The adults need somewhere to sit while the kids are playing and this seating area is normally accompanied by a small area where you can buy tea and coffee as well as snacks and other refreshments. There are also drinks for thirsty kids and smaller snacks for ravenous kids that have been running around playing for hours on end. There’s often a good array of kids’ sweet machines and drinks machines available here too, so you don’t need to order from the counter if you don’t wish.

Party Area

Another reason for the popularity of soft play centres is that they are very useful as a kids’ party destination. Parents can congregate while staff look after the kids and provide entertainment for them. There’s usually on-site catering, party bags are provided, and you will usually find that at least one member of staff is persuaded to don a character outfit in order to further entertain the kids.

Creche And Small Kids’ Play Area

The main play area is usually reserved for children that are old enough and steady enough to run around unaided and to join in with the other children. The upper age limit is normally set at around 11 years old, but there is also a lower age limit in most of these play centres. If you are taking a toddler then be sure that you choose a soft play centre that has an area dedicated to the younger kids otherwise they will become quite bored having to sit with Mum or Dad while the other kids play.

Outdoor Area

Exercise is good for kids and it is provided in bucket loads at a soft play centre. Indoor play areas are perfect all year round but you can also find those play centres that include an outdoor play section. These will often include swings and slides like a normal playground but they will have been set up to provide complete safety and security so they will be less stressful than your average park.

Soft Play Centres

Soft play centres are a great place for parents to take and entertain their children. There are a great many centres popping up all around the country, some of them dedicated to soft play and others combined with family pubs and restaurants that make them the ideal solution for a family day out in a welcoming and accepting environment.

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