What Type Of Activities Are Offered At A Soft Play Centre?

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Indoor play centres and soft play centres can be found in many towns and areas across the country. Some are attached to pubs while others operate completely independently, but all offer a safe and fun environment where kids can play and their parents can enjoy a drink and even a bite to eat while they watch. It isn’t just large and bright coloured soft play equipment that can be found in indoor activity centres either. There are many different activities such as kid’s rides, go karting, and many other fun activities.

Soft Play

The main function of the indoor play centre, though, is as a soft play centre. Kids can run around, burn off energy, let off steam, and socialise with other children of a similar age without having to worry unduly about what they’re doing. The play areas are set up to offer the safest environment possible and this means that you can relax while your kids have a great time.

Go Karts And Other Activities

You can usually find kids rides, so do take a pocket of change with you. Go karting and other activities may also be found in some of the centres and these can provide a great excursion away from the soft play area. There may be restrictions in place on some of these activities so you may need to join in or you may find that only the older kids are able to play on some of the additional toys and equipment.

Food And Drink

Charing round and burning off energy means that your son or daughter is going to get thirsty and hungry. Play centres offer somewhere to buy refreshments for the kids and there’s usually the option of buying a bite to eat and a hot cup of tea or coffee for you while you wait. You may even find a daily newspaper or two lying around so that you can pass the time and let your child run around a little longer.


Especially at weekends, soft play centres are very popular as a party venue. There’s no need to get the venue ready, you don’t need to do any of the cooking, and you don’t even need to clear up afterwards. A good soft play centre will easily be able to host two or three big parties, with two dozen or more children, at the same time and they will have the staff to ensure that everybody is safe and having fun throughout the duration of the day.

Where To Find Your Nearest Soft Play Centre

Soft play centres have become very popular as a means of entertaining the kids and, in light of this increase in popularity, more and more have opened their doors up and down the country. Wherever you live, it is highly likely that you are only a short distance away from such a venue. SoftPlay.co.uk is an online directory of soft play centres and indoor play centres where you can browse by county or location and you can choose the features that you believe to be the most important, and find the nearest soft play centre to you.

Soft Play Centres

Soft play centres are safe and secure. They provide a great place for your son or daughter to relax and unwind while meeting other kids of their own age. What’s more, while they play, you can meet friends, have a cup of coffee, and catch up, knowing that your children are enjoying a great time letting off steam and enjoying some healthy exercise based fun.

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