What Is A Soft Play Centre?

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A soft play centre, or indoor play centre as you may know it, is somewhere you can take your kids for hours of energetic and sociable fun. Packed with soft and safe play equipment that is designed for fun, the soft play centre is becoming the place of choice for discerning kids and their parents. They’re loud, colourful, and extremely exciting – everything your son or daughter is looking for when they start playing. They also usually have areas where you can sit and wait for your son or daughter to wear themselves out.


When you’re looking for somewhere for your children to play, it has to offer fun. Kids are packed full of pent up energy that they are dying to get out of their system and a soft play centre is an ideal place to do exactly this. They can tear round, leap at the soft play equipment, and generally do everything they’re discouraged from doing while they’re at home. What more fun could a child ask for?


As well as soft play equipment you will usually find giant slides, rope swings, ladders, and other adventure trail type equipment in soft play centres. Again, this is the kind of fun that your child is usually discouraged from taking part in because there is an element of danger. This element of danger is good for children but only when it is tempered with safety and caution. The safe environment of the soft play centre is the perfect place to let them enjoy some excitement because it is safe.


Safety is absolutely vital to children. We, as parents, want our kids to have fun and enjoy some excitement, but we’re often too scared to really let them unwind and let go for fear of them getting injured or hurting themselves. The equipment in a soft play centre has been designed, manufactured, and chosen for the level of safety that it offers as well as the masses of fun and excitement that it provides. It’s little wonder that soft play centres have become as popular with parents as they are with the kids.


We’re always telling our children not to touch that, to stop doing that, and to be careful or you’ll hurt yourself. We worry that they’ll knock things off, fall over and bang themselves, and generally cause some kind of injury. Unfortunately, five year olds rarely understand that parents tell them these things for their own good and this means that visiting a soft play centre where they don’t have to worry about breaking things or hurting themselves is a real breath of fresh air.

Party Atmosphere

When you first head to a soft play centre you should be prepared for a loud and boisterous atmosphere. There will be kids running around, shouting, and playing loudly with one another. Your son or daughter has the chance to let off steam and just have unadulterated fun for an hour or two and they can really benefit from the party atmosphere. Even if they don’t know anybody except you when they arrive, you can bet that they will have made numerous new friends by the time they leave.

Find A Soft Play Centre Near You

SoftPlay.co.uk is a directory of soft play centres found nationwide. We invite anybody to add listings and to include information such as the name and address of the play centre, as well as the various different features and amenities that they offer. Find a local soft play centre near you, check it offers what you’re looking for, and program the post code into your sat nav as a favourite because you’re probably going to visit often.

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