How Do Kids Benefit From Soft Play Centres?

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There are only a limited number of ways that you can entertain kids and get them out of the house at the same time. Soft play centres provide you with a way to drag them away from the TV, put the Wii controller down, and enjoy some sociable and energetic fun. They are set up to be safe and secure, and the majority also offer adults the opportunity to sit and chat while enjoying a cup of coffee or some other refreshments.

What Are Soft Play Centres?

Soft play centres are indoor play centres that cater specifically to boys and girls usually aged between 4 and 11. Some will also have crèche areas for younger kids and there may also be a range of other equipment, games, rides, and activities for the kids to take part in while they are there. Typically quite loud, you can let your son or daughter really unwind and burn off energy before taking them home where they can be a little more relaxed and sombre (hopefully).


Socialising is an important part of development for young children. Meeting children of their own age helps them develop in many different ways and while they do get to meet other kids at school, it is beneficial to let them meet up in a different environment. A soft play centre is home to many kids and even if your child doesn’t know anybody when they arrive, there’s a very good chance that they will make new friends by the time they come to leave.


Safety is of paramount importance to soft play centre staff and the centre itself, as well as to parents. Not only is the soft play equipment itself soft and lightweight, but the whole environment is designed to be as safe and secure for children as possible. There should be more than adequate first aid equipment and staff should be trained to deal with minor injuries and accidents should they occur. This means that parents can relax and let their children have fun without having to worry unduly about their safety.

Energetic Fun

Another important aspect of growing up is exercise. While you may not be able to convince a seven year old that going for a long walk on a cold day is good for them, and fun, it should prove a lot easier to convince them that a couple of hours playing in ball pools, sliding down giant slides, and bouncing bouncy castles is not only fun but it’s good for them.

Food And Drink

With so much energy being burnt off, it is important that your child replenishes at least some of it. Rehydrating the body is important for people of all age especially as it is released quickly and in quantity through sweat. Calories are burnt off when running around, too, and the body will demand that these be replaced. Soft play centres usually have a refreshments area that is full of machines, and there is often a counter where you can buy more substantial items. It is usually possible to buy a hot drink and a bite to eat for Mum and Dad too.


One reason why many children are first introduced to their local soft play centre is the parties that take place regularly. It is most common for these parties to happen at weekends although you may find them throughout the school holidays too. You can have your child’s entire class turn up, food cooked for them, and even send them away with party bags without having to even worry about cleaning up the mess afterwards with a party at your local soft play centre.

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