Holding A Party At A Soft Play Centre

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Organising and hosting a child’s party can be an absolutely nightmare. It takes meticulous planning and if you have the party at your own home, it takes an age of preparation and seemingly even longer to tidy up afterwards. Even with a few kids it can prove time consuming and troublesome, but with twenty or thirty kids you not only need a lot of room in your home but you need a mass of patience and almost boundless energy. Holding such a party in a soft play centre offers a number of benefits to holding it in your own home.

What Is A Soft Play Centre

A soft play centre is an indoor play centre that is filled with soft play equipment. This generally means massive foam shapes that are brightly coloured and extremely safe for running in to, jumping at, and for bumping into; perfect for the average kids’ party really. The centre will also usually provide additional entertainment, refreshments for the kids, party bags for the end, and a place to sit and chat for the adults.

What Ages Are Best For Soft Play Parties?

Soft play centres are usually restricted to children aged between 4 and 11 although there may be an additional crèche style centre where younger kids can gather and play with their parents. This is the perfect age because the kids are steady on their feet, shouldn’t be too intimidated by the large number of children, and will have plenty of surplus energy to burn off while charging around with their friends.

Safe And Secure

It is important that you provide a safe and secure environment for guests to your child’s party. Accidents do happen, especially where there are two dozen active 5 year olds running around. At home, there are natural hazards that you can do nothing about. At a soft play centre, accidents can still happen, but because everything is geared towards providing a soft and safe place to play, it means there is a lot less chance of damage to children and no risk of damage to your home or property.

Catering And Party Bags Provided

Many children are fussy and picky eaters. Some will love sandwiches, others will prefer burgers. Some will almost certainly be allergic to the main ingredient in what you intend to cook, and there’s always at least one child that gets too excited and brings their lunch back. None of these are your concern when you have a party at a soft play centre. They will provide catering and they will even give the kids a party bag at the end of the entertainment.

Additional Features And Things To Do

The play in soft play centres isn’t always restricted to foam shapes either. Giant slides are common, rope netting and ball pools are also popular, and you can find additional play features like go karts, kids’ rides, and rope swings. You may even find indoor crazy golf if you’re fortunate. What’s more, one or more of the staff are usually more than happy to dress up and play with the kids or entertain them throughout the duration of the party (do you know anybody who will do the same for your party at home?)

Parents Can Get Together Too

Another great benefit is the amount of room there is in a typical soft play centre. While some may be more space restricted, all provide some room for parents to sit and congregate. This gives parents the chance to chat and catch up while the kids are running around playing making your child’s party a great get together for everybody concerned, not just the kids.

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